Why I Created this Blog

Jerry B. Moseley was my history and social studies teacher in sixth and seventh grade in Vidor, Texas in the late sixties.

Through the years, I've often remembered Mr. Moseley as one of my favorite teachers ever...the kind of teacher whose influence remains with a student for the rest of one's life.  He recognized and encouraged my talents and abilities...a wonderful gift from a teacher to a student.

Some time ago, I re-connected with Mr. Moseley. I did a Google search for him, and found a post on a site for victims of Hurricane Rita. 

He is wheelchair-bound now after suffering strokes and other health problems, and was living in a nursing home when the hurricane struck. The staff fled the facility, and while he was shuffled from place to place, looters took all his possessions, including his computer. 

An old Navy friend set him up with a place to live in New York State. However, Mr. Moseley's greatest wish was to spend his last years with his stepdaughter (who he considers his daughter) and her family in Albuquerque, NM. 

That prayer was answered, and he was able to re-locate to Albuquerque.  He is now in worse health, suffering from kidney cancer.

For some time, Mr. Moseley sent out daily e-mails of his writings to friends and relatives.  I plan to publish those writings on this blog.  They deserve as wide an audience as possible!--Cindy Swanson

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