About Jerry B. Moseley

In his own words:

Yes, I am a 6th generation Texan....My family crossed the Sabine River on Sept. 1, 1845. One Daniel Moseley and his son Augustus with children, dogs,  cats, wives etc. Moved west
in stages from Augusta, Georgia.As I understand it, a whole dog goned wagon train of Moseleys.

They settled in Rusk, Brazoria, and Burleson Counties. Just counted it on my fingers, for the
ten millionth time, Yep, 6th generation. To tell the truth, coming from Georgia to Texas in
a wagon train made up of relatives at some 2 miles per hour (on good days) seems like "cruel and unusual punishment.  They were fractious, easily provoked, and short tempered. In short, about like most 19th century Americans.

Like most families on the move, their loss through altercations was just about balanced by the birth rate.

Yea, I'm getting along, well enough.....I can't walk very well any more.....Daughter, Ana-Beth,
remains the apple of my eye...We went to a movie and dinner last night.  Got home at 11PM and talked
until 2 AM.....Family cat was upset  at having her supper postponed to such an hour....She'll adjust.

My life is blessed by my daughter
and family....

My family moved from Caldwell in Burleson County, to Beaumont Texas just after the first World War......Oil was the big answer. Oil, and the railroads it took to get the stuff to market.

Got my BS  degree in 1961 and found out that Uncle Sam wanted me.  So I joined the navy one step
ahead of the draft......I loved it. Even the parts where people were shooting at me. (I was young and a fool)

Got out of the service in 1966.........Say, this is getting long and boring....Taught School, Got
my Master's Degree.....10 years at Lamar University......(English and
some History....(thus is the fate of
non-terminal degree University)

My life only became  interesting when I moved to New Mexico about  1977, and re-married....
to Mary, a wonderful lady.....She died of cancer  (August 29, 2000)

Survived 6 (T.I.A's) Mini-strokes, though the last seemed like a Maxi-stroke. (wound up partly paralyzed, with some 40% of my brain, dead. Fought my way back from that.......Found out one thing.
No matter how dim Doctors make your prognosis.....Fight it....The
real dying starts when you give up fighting.......I taught myself to walk and talk again...Got back 85% of
my ability......Though, to tell the truth, I, now, sometimes dangle
participles. (which, from an English
teacher's point of view is a barbaric flaw!)

 A widower, now, for 13 years, taking care of a daughter who means the whole world to me.  3 grandkids who can't seem to understand why I am so firmly on their mother's side.  I walk everyplace Ana-Beth
doesn't take me...The State of Texas decided, years ago that I shouldn't drive any more...

Now, I keep  my interest in life by keeping my faith in God, strong.With my daughter's help, and
keeping my daughter financialy solvent in these troubled times.
Military Disability of 70% and Social Security.....There you have it.  A guide to my life in a rough
outline form.......Leaving out the

horrors of war, the grief of lost love ones, and the tragedy of domestic intranquility. (by George!  I can still coin new words).....Jerry

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